#166 My thanks for your support

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My thanks for your support

Well, I am feeling pretty good about the last few days, people are emailing me, people are reading my blogs, and it seems that I am getting more and more support. I can’t say to you how good this is to me, because every time I get that vote of confidence, I feel more empowered to do my best to share what I can to help those with loved ones in prison.

I blogged earlier today about going to Office Depot, since a wonderful reader sent me a $50 gift card. After I put up the blog, “Proverbs in Prison”, I went out of town to the nearest Office Depot to get some supplies. I got some certificate paper, which will be quite useful when I do my Prison Encouragement Certificates, got some envelopes (small and large for shipping) a USB to store my works (so I won’t lose it to a virus) and got a large bin to keep my works in. That and a couple other small things like post its and stuff, and it came to about $42.

Folks you can’t know how it made me feel to be able to see some fruits of my writing. Now I know I don’t always get it right, but when you write and write and write on blogs for so long, for thousands of pages, you never put first the idea that people will support it. But you still hope deep down that you made some kinda impact, that somebody out there read the blogs and got help from it. And if so, then maybe, if they were in such a position, to give some support to the writer.

There is indeed a very fine line between asking for support and looking like a con man, and I think often I am seen on the negative side…I mean, all ex felons are con men, aren’t they?

(as a fool would say)

So when somebody steps up to support what I am writing, it disproves such a theory and reproves that there are people that I can help…perhaps I’m not such a loser after all.

(written with a few tears in my eyes)

I have received several emails the last few days, people who have indeed been reading my blogs and got some help, or some words of hope in it. I have had several people ask questions about prison, or how to encourage a loved one in prison. I have also had several ask how they can support my blogs, whether by a gift card or a financial gift. It really warms my heart to get those kind of emails, because it keeps me on the path of writing. I never thought of doing this for money, but I realize now that in order to do this in the capacity I wish to do it, it will take money.

I can only give you my very best when I write, if someone has a question about a prison issue, I can talk about it as best I can. As many of you know, I don’t do a lot of short blogs, I enjoy the ability on these blogs to cut loose and say what’s on my mind. If its 2 pages, fine, if its 20 pages, cool. The idea is for me to give you my best. I mentioned awhile back that we have barely scratched the surface of the journals and letters I brought back home from prison. There is so much more we can talk about, so much more I have experienced and went through, that I can use as an example that you can get through this, and encourage your loved one as well.

So if you’ve been reading my blogs the past few days or weeks or even months, I hope to reaffirm to you that I hope to share even more and to do my best to try to encourage you and build some faith in you. I say as well, because I am human, I will figure that there may be days that I fall flat on my face…we’ve all been there. If you have read some of my older blogs, you know that there were days where I had a great many problems, but still had to try to get through the day with a smile. But for ever time we fall, there is an opportunity to get up. I say that as a human being, and an ex felon.

So my warmest thanks to those of you who are emailing me and supporting my blogs. Remember that I will start making the prison encouragement certificates available in May, perhaps by the second week. I want to print up a lot of my works, and make them available as soon as I can. Feel free to email me on that as well.

Once again, my best thanks for your support. Until then…


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