#230 Grades of Honor Prison Project

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The Grades of Honor Prison Project

In an attempt to generate revenue and establish a foundation of work, I am presenting myself to those who have loved ones in prison. If you have a son, boyfriend, husband, grandson, pen pal or whomever that is in prison, or may be going to prison, I want to present my offer to you.

I have been writing on prison issues for about 8 years now, and have shared thousands of pages of posts and blogs on numerous sites. Some of you have read my works as “masonik4”, some as “Nolaw97”. I want to try to push my works out for those looking for venues to encourage those that are in prison.

I want to offer my writing to help those seeking a way to comfort a loved one in prison, or comfort to yourself while having a loved one in prison. There are a wide variety of ways I can do this, but before you consider anything with me, I first ask that you take the time to read my blogs, to decide for yourself if I am sincere enough for your trust.

Do NOT jump into this simply because it sounds nice. I can’t encourage or help you if you are not convinced that I can help you. It is critical that before you make any moves to get involved in my project that you first believe there IS hope. If you don’t believe that, either go back and read my blogs until you start to see that I really am trying to help, or do not get involved in the Grades of Honor Projects.

To generate an income, while helping those in need, I often ask for support if you are interested. If you simply want to support my works, then email me and ask how you can do that, I am always very, very grateful for the gifts I receive from readers who want to help.

But if you are interested in a project, I broke it down to 5 different levels, depending on what you are able to do.

Level Amounts

This is basically an introductory project, for those that are curious or those that are interested in what I can do. For this amount, I will send you one of my prison cards, a prison encouragement certificate, and a flyer of a prison issue. This hopefully will give you an idea of what I am able to do, while also giving you something that you may be able to send to a loved one in prison.

For those who are familiar or comfortable with my works, this project allows me to give you more than the previous package. With this project, I can double up on the cards and prison encouragement certificates, but also provide you with one of my offline prison discussions that might be useful to you. To be sure, I add more here than with the previous project, which also will include a couple of prison issue flyers.

With this project I will be able to send you 4 prison cards, 4 prison encouragement certificates, an offline prison document that may help you or a loved one in prison, extra single page prison writings I have done and the upcoming month’s calendar, so your loved one can track his daily progress. Some inmates like to check off days, some like to write a scripture each day, but I can design a monthly calendar for the inmate. Note I will send the upcoming month, so for example if I get a request in mid July, the package will include the month of August. Additional months can be done, but this package includes just the upcoming month.
With this project you will receive my first “Grades of Honor” book, along with an assortment of prison cards, prison encouragement certificates, and a three month calendar for the inmate. I will also include offline prison document writings as well. If you have already bought my first book, I will send the second. If you already have the second, I will send the third in it’s place. If you have all 3 Grades of Honor books (currently on the fourth at the writing of this blog), I will send you my first Blogbook. IF you have all four of these books already, I will send you in its place different packages of prison works that I have written. With several prison short stories, offline writing and more, I have much I can still offer.
For this amount I will include my first 3 books of “Grades of Honor, a 6 month calendar that you can send either page by page or altogether to a loved one in prison, an assortment of cards, prison encouragement certificates, prison documents and more. With this amount, please make sure to let me know the relationship of your loved one, whether son, grandson, husband or whatever, because for this amount, I want to try to create cards, encouragement certificates and the like that tailor more for you, since you have chosen to support my works. You don’t have to be too specific. The name of your loved one, and where he is located is not necessary, because I don’t want to seem too inquisitive about your loved one. But knowing if he is your son, or pen pal or whatever helps me to think of new ideas to create new products to help you. IF you already have one or more of the “Grades of Honor” books, I will substitute that with more prison works such as prison cards, offline or blog documents and other projects.

In addition, I am thinking of trying to jumpstart a newsletter on prison issues, but not really sure when to kick that off. The idea however is to have at least 5-10 people to send it to per month to make it worth the time. IF I start on that, I have to decide how many pages it will be, and how much it may cost. I am looking basically at maybe $2 for a monthly issue, but this is still in the works.

Additionally, I have also started a project called “Scriptures for Inmates” in which I want to create a project using scriptures in discussions for inmates, or people with loved ones in prison, to help encourage them and build faith. This may include a card, a document and a flyer. There may be more, but I am looking for people interested in such a project. If I get enough interest, I may offer this monthly project at about $5 to $8 per month, depending on what I am going to put into it each month.

And one more project I have already started is the “package of the month”, in which I create a prison package by designing a prison card, single page prison document, a multi page prison document and a prison encouragement certificate all with the same theme. I have already designed a couple of these and they are already available, but if this kicks off I hope to make more in the future.

These are just a few of many things I have been working on. The hope now is to get emails and contacts of people that are interested in me helping them. The idea here of course it two fold: To help those with loved ones in prison, and to earn some money in the process so I can step up my works. I won’t lie to you and say this can be done without earning some money, because it is what will determine how much I can do…if any at all.

So for those that support my blogs, or have been for awhile, your help has gotten me to this point where I can offer the ideas and projects I wish to do. Now I have to wait for people to email me and let me know if this is something they can believe in me for. I have a very wide range of prison works that I have already done, remember I have been writing on prison issues for about 8 years. I have much to share, and now I am hoping there is a “market” for those that are interested in my works. If I can get the support to get off the ground with this, there may be even greater works in the future.

So take some time to think over this folks, I will let this blog sit up here for about a week, so everyone gets the chance to read this. If you have any questions of my sincerity, go back and read my past blogs, it will tell you much about me. I challenge you, a person that doesn’t care about you would not write as much, because it would not be in their heart. I am not saying I am a saint, but if you read my blogs, you know I am doing the best I can.

Email me if you have any questions or are interested in my works. I would really like to kick this off by July, so I can have a good idea of what I need to have done, and what I need to have as far as supplies. I believe there is hope, I believe I can help, but only if you are truly looking for hope. We can get through this folks, if we can work together in faith.

If you are interested, email me at derf4000 AT embarqmail DOT com. (note I used broken link to prevent spam)


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